Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sometimes you just run out of choice
No escape but got to face the real life
Sometimes you just feel it ain't worth the fight
No matter how much you wanna try with all might
Sometimes you feel like quitting and I know you might
Life's been harsh and I know a choice ain't enough right
And I know you need more than a free will to survive
A motive, a reason to pull pieces together before you lose sight
Sometimes something ain't right and it just keeps crawling inside
And you know something you need so bad isn't easy to be had, right
You keep running from all you had till you drop dead & lose your breathe
Chasing your fears you keep running from your unfound future to lost past
Sometimes it just ain't enough to follow the footsteps of a ghost from past
And you need to stand and make it on your own, your way & your paths
Boy, you need to live, feel & believe in your beliefs to pass
And show these worldly lords, damn they can't pull you apart
Boy, just listen, quit you may but before you do just learn to pray
Because once you quit only god might help you mate

© Narender Panwar 2011

1 comment:

  1. sometimes.....perhaps you just need to take a step back and rejoice
    For all you have might be envious to many, beyond every need or choice
    Sometimes.... you just need to give yourself some time, time to be wise
    Don't try to be too harsh or demanding of yourself, it just ain't the price