Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A dilemma, mangled web of choices, interwoven plots
Or is it, a mere idea for perfection, calculating the odds
The options, elementary, unsophisticated, abstractly naturalistic
The choices, temporal, conservative, materialistically calculated

Looked back, looked around, nevertheless missed the inwardness
Looked down, eyes wet, however deep inside remained the quest
Finding reasons, the logic, the rational ground, a testament of worldliness
Watery eyes, blurry vision, exploited mind, bound to miss the anticipated one

Entangled in a bitter conflict with self, the predicament
Entrusting the destiny and so called fate, the retreat
Rejoicing the acceptance by worldly lords, the defeat
An arrant & wondrous life, ruined by round-eyed simpleton

Look, look through the amassed stacks of intimate emotions
Look down, read aloud, the rules of life's deepest romanticism
To find, to see, to discover, the one who would pursue your wreath
Blindfolded, take a deep breath, and let the heart rejoice with its choice

© Narender Panwar 2011

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