Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Learning to fly

I've been to the oceans & I've been to the skies
I've been through the lows & been through the highs
It's been so wonderful and it's been too tough at times
But when I woke up this morning, Boy, I did realize
It's a journey of my faith & I'm just learning to fly

I hear,
Open your eyes
Look up to the sky
Grab your wings
Boy, get ready to fly

Standing at the edge of time, here I am, facing this world alone
Ready to take deep dive, jump off the cliff & push it far too more
Fear gripping the back of mind, failures of past raising endless doubts
But when I look straight into my own eyes, Boy, I do realize
It's a test of my faith & I got to learn, learn to fly

I hear,
Close your eyes
Dive deep into the heart
Listen to the beats
Boy, welcome on board & enjoy your flight

© Narender Panwar 2011

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