Tuesday, October 14, 2014

When It's All Done!!!

When the day is done, you lie down on your bed
And several hundred chores run through your head
Tell yourself, not to hurry through it so fast
B'coz time is short, and this too shall pass

When you ask, "Are you alive?"
And you hear, no reply
Slow down, catch a breathe
B'coz life is short, this moment won't last

When you run so fast, just to be there
You miss the real fun, fun of getting there
Life is no race, no point speeding through it
Hear the music, before it's all done & over here

When you reach home, your kid stares
Trying to find, a dad that he so missed
Hold him, not to miss his sorrow in haste
Tell him, it ain't over and you're there

When you lose touch, old friendships die
Trying to make the most of it, you lied
Call back, tell the precious ones - you care
B'coz time is short, and life is all what you live