Monday, December 3, 2012

On The New Year's Eve

One day, you'll find the pieces,
The puzzle and the unforgivable mystery,
One day, you'll find peace,
The day, Sky and Dust merge,
to create and unfold, unforeseen reality,
One day, you'll find your path,
The day, you'll learn to,
forget Or forgive the past....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ek Ghazal

Yunhi shabdon se do-do haath hum bhi kar lete hain
Teri yaad main ek ghazal hum bhi padh lete hain

Kuch pal the woh, jee unko hum aaj bhi lete hain
Tere kadmon ki aahat, jaan hum aaj bhi lete hain

Kya rang the tere, dooba pagla mann, satrangi badal aaj bhi hain
Adhure sapne tere, poore kar sakken aisi, khwahish aaj bhi hain

Teri muskurat, fida kar ishq, bhule aaj bhi kahan kuch hain
Teri chahat, bhula kar rabb, ek gulam-e-aam hum aaj bhi hain

Chale the saath, woh nishan, woh galiyaare aaj bhi hain
Teri yaadon main, ek ghazal hum padhte, sar-e-aam aaj bhi hain

© Narender Panwar

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Words Unsaid

A moment lost in your thoughts
A soul wandering, forgotten past
So brave, so strong, so true of you
To love a man who couldn't hold onto you

A moment lost in your thoughts
A soul living, shadows of dead past
So weak, so vulnerable, look at thou wet eyes
I know you're gone, & I'm buried alive

A moment lost in your thoughts
A soul, a heart, wish you a life
A precious one, shining like a sunlit star
In my mind, O heart, you'll live far beyond time