Friday, January 14, 2011

LIfe is ReaL

Every now and then you feel the darkness inside
And the battle within never ceases to leave your mind
Facing the mirror, you just can't look him into the eyes
Balancing the edge, you know there's no escape in sight
Rhyming a prayer, you ask good lord to be your armoured knight

You wish life was like it is in bollywood movies
Singing a song you just dance around the trees
In the times of darkness, you're gods favorite kid
Let the evil come, by gods grace, you're bound to win
At the end of it, hero will find his way, dear
And everyone will end up with a smile to remember

Life ain't a movie boy, life is so strictly real
The joy, the pain, all of it is so damn real
Shed away the fears and be ready to bear
LIfe's harsh realities and it's trivial nuisances
Life ain't a movie boy, life is afterall strictly real

© Narender Panwar 2011

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